Terms of use

1. Introduction

Service clasifiedinpoland is available on https://www.clasifiedinpoland.com and it is provided by Arkadiusz Parzych, Strubiczów 8/62,02-136 Warszawa, Poland.
Service clasifiedinpoland is an Internet advertisement website containing ads wrotten in english concerting categories: for sale, real estate, jobs, vehicles, services, community, international, classes.
This document (agreement) describes the terms and conditions applicable to your use of clasifiedinpoland service.  If you don't agree to be bound by this agreement, you should'nt use our service. Before you may avail of our services you should read, agree with and accept all of the terms and conditions contained within this agreement. By adding a listing at our service you agree of all of the terms contained within this terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions may be amended by posting the amended terms and conditions on our service.  Any amended in terms and conditions  will govern your use of our service clasifiedinpoland from the moment that it is posted on our service.  Users will be informed in advance and in a clear manner of any charges in Terms of use and Privacy and cookies policy.
Do not use clasifiedinpoland if you do not agree to this terms and conditions.
By using our service you agree with above.

2. Access to the service
In order to use clasifiedinpoland it is neceserry to have an access to the Internet. You are responsible for any apropriate equipment and connection to enable you to connect to the Internet.
You are solely responsible for protecting account password and other account information.

To add a listing you have to register for an account. You should enter your email address, user name and password on the register form to create an account in our service. In order to fully activate your account, you have to  click the link in the received e-mail.
You agree that you are responsible for protecting your password to our service and controlling access to your registered account and that you will be responsible for all contents that are published through your registered account.

3. General conditions:
- adding a listings to our service is free,
- your listing is valid for a 6-month period,
- you have to be over 18 years of age to use our service. If you are over 13 and under 18 years of age you can use our service only to the extent determined by the Polish law with the apropriate agreement of your legal guardian,
- you can publish listings only in english, listings posted in other languages will not be published,
- listing can be cancelled by administrator without obligation to state the reason of cancellation. By using our service you agree that your listing may be not published. Especially when it includes contents shown in point 3,4 and 5 of this agreement,
- one listing concerning one subject or set of subjects. It should included clear information about subject (e.g. price per subject/set of subjects),
- listing added by user must be in accordance with the facts and lawful,
- in any issues not adjusted in these agreement the relevant provisions of the Polish law shall apply.

You can promote your listing to make it more attractive by:

1. Move to the top for 1,00 zł;

2. Mark as Premium:
Period     Fee (zł)
1 day     1,00
1 week     6,00
2 weeks     11,00
1 month     20,00
3 months     60,00
6 months       100,00

3. Highlight:
1 day 1,00
1 week 4,00
2 weeks 8,00
1 month 15,00
3 months 40,00
6 months 70,00

Payment is made by PayPal.

By using PayPal to promote your listing you agree to comply with all of the terms and conditions in your PayPal user agreement.
User with activate account can open Business Profile for free.
Your Business Profile is valid for a 12-month period

Business Profile can be cancelled by administrator without obligation to state the reason of cancellation. By using our service you agree that your Business Profile may be not published. Especially when it includes contents shown in point 3,4 and 5 of our Terms of use (for example Business Profile will be cancelled when it is unlawful, harrassing, offensive etc.)

To create Business Profile:
1. Register for free account (if you don't have an account yet)
2. Go to My account
3. Choose Business Profile option
4. Fill in the form
5. Choose Submit button
6. Wait for veryfication
7. Enjoy your free Business Profile on classifiedinpoland.com.

We suggest to complete the form carefully and truthfully. That will be a positive impact on the companys' image.

You can also provide contact details direct to speaking English person - that will make communication easier.

Remember that no-one expects You to be fluent in English. We believe that sometimes basic knowledge is enough to complete an order, purchase a product or service (our clients' stories confirm this).

4. It is forbidden use any form of action or use any programs, robots, items, automated devices, etc. to:
- collect any data of clasifiedinpoland and clasifiedinpoland's users,
- spam,
- public own comercial advertisements on the clasifiedinpoland without consulting with clasifiedinpoland,
- public many contents which slowing/destabilize operation of the Service,

5. By using our service you agree not to publish content which:
- is unlawful,
- is false, misleading or illegal content in any form (text, images, etc.),
- infringes copyright, patents, intellectual property, licenses, trade secrets, or other confidential information,
- is harassing, demeaning, threatening, harmful, pornographic, obscene or offensive to any individual or group or otherwise inappropriate,
- is offensive, hateful to anyone on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, race, nation  or ethnicity, religion, political opinions or disability, etc.,
- content violate the privacy of other users or any person.

When user performs actions described in point 3,4 and 5 then the administrator of clasifiedinpoland is entitled to block the account.

6. Other regulations

- www.clasifiedinpoland.com is a classifieds service and it does'nt control listings added by users,
- www.clasifiedinpoland.com isn't responsible for published listings, informations, other materilas added by users (photos, images etc.), conversations between users or completation of transactions,
- www.clasifiedinpoland.com don't review listings added by users and do'nt participate in transactions between buyers, sellers or users,
- www.clasifiedinpoland.com can't verify that published listing is truthfulness, vailid or legal, therefore www.clasifiedinpoland.com isn't responsible for their vailidation or legallity. By posting a listing you accept sole responsibility, that you are using our service legally according to the law,
- www.clasifiedinpoland.com isn't liable for published listings or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the browsing, using or reading any content listed, e-mailed or otherwise made available via the service,
- you use our service on your own risk, www.clasifiedinpoland.com is not respnsible for any damages, mistakes or misunderstandings resulting from using our service,
- www.clasifiedinpoland.com is not responsible for any complaints, obligations, liabilities, warranties or guarantees of goods or services which are subjects of listings,
- an account that is (beyond doubt) spam will be removed from the service.

7. Complaints
Any complaints should be send by our contact form.
Response to the complaint will be sent by mail within 30 days.

Contact form is also apropriatte to send any sugestions or opinions concerning our service.